Introducing Daina

Hello, my name is Daina Beck and I am the owner/founder of True Nature. 

I have a true love for nature, and the of my favorite things is to sit with a cup of tea in the morning and stare out at the Colorado mountains, forest & trees, whether they are filled with snow, falling leaves, or colorful with spring flowers; I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be! 

Inspired everyday by my faith, and really the simple things in life, I have always had a love for creating things with my hands. There is just something about wrapping up in a wonderfully handmade item…which you know is truly created with purposeful, loving intention.  Over a decade ago my hobby became my passion and this is where it all began….True Nature. I can only hope to share with you my love for nature and all the simple things in life one photo and design at a time. 

Daina Beck ~  True Nature 

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