Introducing Samantha

Hello my name is Samantha! I am the online manager for True Nature Homestead and I am working to create a wonderful online store for everyone to enjoy!

Currently I live in the Pikes Peak region, but my upbringing was a bit more nomadic. Of the places I have lived my favorites have been Hawaii & New York. Something amazing about these two special places is that they both offer striking, magnificent mountain ranges. In a serendipitous way, it was only destiny that I would find my way to Colorado, where the awesome Rocky Mountains are located!

As a college student at the University of Colorado I am now able to look out through the large picture glass windows at school and watch the sun set and brilliantly light up the sky. Observing the Rocky Mountains change colors, from evergreen to dark amber, glowing and molten orange or gradually darkening to midnight black...until there is nothing left but a dark silhouette... is truly an amazing experience. Always I am amazed by this transition and its mesmerizing beauty of the Pikes Peak Mountain range. 

At True Nature Homestead we try to capture this wonder that is nature, with our products being locally sourced from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I truly believe in the power of the Earth! The positivity and natural balance that is offered by interacting with natural gemstones is an amazing experience. If you adore gemstones and geodes, you will fall in love with True Nature Homestead! As I continue to add new product listings to our online store every day, I hope that these lovely products will bring some joy to your life, and you will radiate positivity wherever you go. 

Wishing you all the best, stay safe! -  Samantha

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