Handmade Gemstone Ring



Handmade gemstone rings in various styles. Several different gemstones encased in antique brass.


These rings are great to rock!! A dreamy enchanting gemstone is encased and shown off with complimenting beautiful stamped brass. These gemstone rings will grace your finger and be sure to be eye catching as you go about your day!

Various Styles:

~ Style 1: Translucent green gemstone
~ Style 2: Dark grey & light grey gemstone
~ Style 3: Orange gemstone
~ Style 4: Red gemstone
~ Style 5: Ivory gemstone
~ Style 6: White slate gemstone
~ Style 7: Onyx gemstone
~ Style 8: Speckled black & grey gemstone
~ Style 9: Translucent gemstone
~ Style 10: Green gemstone

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