Peace Stone Necklace


Handmade Peace Stone bead necklaces with metal spacer beads on organic lambskin leather cord. Each necklace style in tan is exactly the same except for the way the necklace adjusts and the length. The stones are all the same style; one style of adjustment is just tying the end and the other is an adjustable hoop that pulls downward. The necklace with a brown chain has an adjustable hoop on it.

*Necklaces are measured from the bottom of the chain where the middle stone ends to the end of the chain where the necklace ties/adjusts*
~[Style one]- Tan adjustable hoop 6" to 15" fully adjusted
~[Style two]- Tan adjustable tie 5" to 20" fully adjusted
~[Style three]- Tan adjustable hoop 5.5" to 13" fully adjusted
~[Style four]- Tan adjustable hoop 5.5" to 14" fully adjusted
~[Style five]- Brown adjustable hoop 6" to 12.5" fully adjusted

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