Lavender Bath Soak


Homegrown + Homespun + Organic

We grow our own lavender right here in Black Forest, Colorado and lovingly create these organic bath salts from start to finish.

Available in 2 sizes: 1 lb bag and 3 ounce bag.

100% ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: Get a peaceful night’s rest with the calming scent of premium homegrown organic lavender essential oil.
Ease painful joints and sore muscles with the highest quality magnesium sulfate.
RELAX AND RESTORE: Soothe back pain and tired feet, calm the nervous system, and promote beautiful skin with our high grade premium Bath Salts.
Why we love this: We love the relaxing feeling after bathing in these aromatic bath salts...the lavender scent is highly aromatic.

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